Multi World & British Bodybuilding Champion


Plamen has enjoyed training a wide range of clients at various levels, here are just a few of the positive comments he has received over the years:


I want to highly recommend Plamen as he is absolutely the best trainer you can ever have. I have started my journey with him almost 2 years ago. I walked up to him with dream to compete in bodybuilding competition. In 5 months time i achieved that dream and won my first ever bodybuilding contest. It want easy as competing needs a lot dedication and hard training, but with all Plamen’s support and training it was much easier. I did train before but wasn’t really sure how to train and what. He showed me the right way and I learned so much from him. Whenever i have training session with him i am very excited as he can push me harder and i always enjoy his training routine. He is my inspiration and i will be always thankful for all his help. So if anyone is looking for someone to help you to get to better condition or have similar dream to mine i am telling you now that Plamen is the best one!

Tereza Slezova