Multi World & British Bodybuilding Champion


Plamen has enjoyed training a wide range of clients at various levels, here are just a few of the positive comments he has received over the years:


I want to highly recommend Plamen as he is absolutely the best trainer you can ever have. I have started my journey with him almost 2 years ago. I walked up to him with dream to compete in bodybuilding competition. In 5 months time i achieved that dream and won my first ever bodybuilding contest. It want easy as competing needs a lot dedication and hard training, but with all Plamen’s support and training it was much easier. I did train before but wasn’t really sure how to train and what. He showed me the right way and I learned so much from him. Whenever i have training session with him i am very excited as he can push me harder and i always enjoy his training routine. He is my inspiration and i will be always thankful for all his help. So if anyone is looking for someone to help you to get to better condition or have similar dream to mine i am telling you now that Plamen is the best one!

Tereza Slezova


Plamen has trained me for around 6 years now. He’s simply the best. He monitors my diet, weight and adjusts all daily to ensure that I reach my goals. The training sessions are relentless and completely tailored to your goal. My physique gets better year on year. There’s no one like Plamen. He’s become more than just a trainer and he truly is irreplaceable.

Jason Blick