Multi World & British Bodybuilding Champion


Plamen Handarov


“I was born in 1976 in Yambol, Bulgaria, a town with a population of about 90 000 people. Growing up I was very active and I practiced many sports at various times including swimming, sambo, skydiving, foot orienteering, but excelled and competed in athletics and alpine skiing.

Despite being good in sports I was very skinny at the time. When I was 14 my father bought me a pair of dumbbells and, following his advice, I started lifting them in a combination with push ups and sit ups. I didn’t like those initial workouts, to me they were boring, but the improvements I saw in my physique and strength made me determined to continue.

In February 1991 I joined the newly opened 1st Bodybuilding gym in my town. Prior to that there were only weightlifting gyms there as until the collapse of the Soviet Bloc Bodybuilding wasn’t officially recognized as a sport in Bulgaria, but after that it rapidly became very popular. As the time passed my physique improved dramatically and I started feeling addicted to the weight training and Bodybuilding quickly became my favorite sport which I practiced ever since.I liked it’s positive effect on my health and strength and the sense of confidence and well-being it gave me. I was also impressed by it’s “artistic” side, when with proper exercise and dietary approach you can change your physique to resemble an ancient greek statue. I felt that no other sport can give you so many benefits.

In January of 2000 I graduated from the University of Economics, Varna with Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Industrial Management.

After serving the compulsory 9 months in the Bulgarian Army I returned to my hometown where I worked as a Gym Instructor.

In 2001 I married my girlfriend Neli (also a Gym Instructor and Fitness Trainer for many years) and in 2002 our daughter Zlatomira was born.

Since 2005 our family reside in London, UK.”


DOB: 11.02.1976
Place of Birth: Yambol Bulgaria
Currently lives in: London, UK (Residence)
Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight off season: 176 lbs (80 kg)
Weight during contest: 150-155 lbs (68-71 kg)
Practicing fitness and bodybuilding since 1991 (28 years)
Career Highlights: 3XBritish National Bodybuilding Champion,
World Natural Bodybuilding Champion,

2x Natural Mr.Universe
Family: Wife – Neli, Daughter – Zlatomira

Competition History

1993 Grand Prix Diana (Bulgaria) Teen – 2nd
1994 Bulgarian National Championships Junior – 11th
2011 BNBF Central UK Lightweight – 1st
2011 BNBF Northern UK Lightweight – 1st
2011 BNBF British Championships Lightweight – 4th
2011 UKDFBA UK Championships Bantamweight – 1st
2012 BNBF Central UK Lightweight – 1st
2012 BNBF Midland UK Lightweight – 1st
2012 BNBF British Championships Lightweight – 1st
2012 DFAC World Championships Lightweight – 1st
2013 UKDFBA UK Championships Bantamweight – 1st
2013 NPA Mike Williams Classic Lightweight – 1st
2013 NPA British Championships Lightweight – 3rd
2013 INBF World Championships Bantamweight – 2nd
2014 IFBB  Kent Classic-Lightweight (Under 70kg) – 2nd
2014 BNBF Northern England Lightweight – 1st
2014 INBA Natural Mr.Universe Masters over 35 – 1st
2014 INBA Natural Mr.Universe Short class – 1st
2014 IFBB  Midlands Lightweight – 2nd
2016 IFBB Kent Classic – 2nd Classic Bodybuilding
2016 IFBB Midlands – lightweight – 1st
2017 IFBB Bulgarian Nationals -Classic Masters over 40 – 1st
2017 IFBB Bulgarian Nationals- Classic Men up to 171cm. – 1st
2017 IFBB Diamond Cup International – Classic Men up to 171cm. – 2nd
2019 NABBA Mr.London and South East – Classic 1st
2019 NABBA Mr. Brittain – Classic 3rd
2019 NABBA Mr. World – Classic 1st
2019 NABBA Mr. United Kingdom – Classic 1st
2019 NABBA Mr. Universe – Classic 3rd